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Client / Category: Financial Site on Personal Loan

Brand Proposition: Prefered personal loan platform for consumers to make informed decision


  • To educate consumers about Personal Loans.
  • Options of where to apply Personal Loans especially micro loans other than banks.
  • There are Licensed Money Lender & Licensed Pawn Brokers governed under KPKT Malaysia (Ministry of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Govenrment).
  • Debunk the myth and stereotype of a Licensed Money Lender which often mistaken as loan sharks.
  • To generate interest in Licensed Moneylender.

What are the market insight:

  • In this economy climate, banks is rigid to approve personal loans and application process takes longer period as appose to Licensed Money Lender.
  • Licensed Moneylender does rarely advertise (because they need permits). Flyers, name cards and bunting on the street, mostly are not licensed moneylenders.
  • Licensed Moneylenders struggles to diffrenciate with Ah Longs and they promote professionalism and integrity. Also, pay taxes.
  • Licensed Moneylenders and Pawn Broker under the purvue of KPKT, means that the interest CANNOT exceed 18% per year, on the other hand we see that banks can actually have higher interest rates. (see Reference no.5).

What are the consumer insight:

  • Consumers is aware of Personal loans can apply with banks and the other extreme Ah Long / Loan sharks.
  • They go for bank personal loan is they are employed or have collaterals, Those who does not have it succumb to Ah Long /Loan Sharks when they need fast emergency cash.
  • Consumer often overlooked Licensed Moneylender as alternative.
  • Consumer do not know or not convinced of Licensed Moneylenders are legitimate, transparent and safe.


  • 2 x articles (400 – 600 words) with visual support or pictures (royalty-free or cleared)
  • 2 x articles means 2 parts to cover the above ‘Pointers’
  • English Language
  • Credit sources, if applicable

Tone & manner: Pleasant, neutral and ease to understand.

Rate: RM 300


  1. Money Lenders Act 1951:

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