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Jason Mrazmerising

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HE DANCED. He scat. He’s Jason Mraz!
Breaking the usual ritual of most concerts which always start at least an hour late, American singer Mraz and his gang hit the stage sharp at 8.30pm.
As the lights went out, it set the crowd wild and had everyone squirming with excitement that the show was about to start.
Famously known for gearing himself up with a fedora hat, Mraz “mrazmerised” his fans by kicking off the set with a hit single, Remedy, from his debut album.
It was followed by You and I Both.
Mraz, who is known for his creative work of producing easy listening songs, had the crowd singing along to his tunes throughout the concert.
After taking a five-minute break, he returned with a “I Love KL” shirt to continue serenading the crowd under the starry sky.
Couples were seen holding each other, romantically gazing into their partners’ eyes as Mraz performed Lucky.
The night ended shortly after Mraz took a few polaroid pictures of his bandmates and later threw to the audience after introducing each member.
The show might have come to an end but the memories remain in the hearts of the fans as the singer bade adieu.

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