10 Christmas indulgences from Liberty of London

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Founded in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty, Liberty is a luxury department store located in London’s West End. The fashionable store carries its own line of products as well as a wide range of luxury goods, from cosmetics to furniture, by designer brands such as Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Lanvin, and Kate Spade.

During its early days, the store was mostly selling objets d’art, fabric and ornaments brought in from the East. With exotic clientele that includes renowned Pre-Raphaelite artists, it wasn’t unusual when the founder had 42 Indian villagers at his store and staged a living village of Indian artisans to generate sales and publicity.

Liberty later built relationships with English designers, particularly the ones practicing the artistic styles like Art Nouveau or Arts & Crafts. Through these relationships where Liberty encouraged the designers in their artistic pursuits, he helped them develop the style to perfection.

Fast forward to our time, the store’s signature Art Nouveau-style finish is featured on its many bags, purses, scarfs and other small accessories produced in-house. We found 10 exclusively hand pick items and designed by Liberty London products for you to indulge in this Christmas:

1. Carnaby Saddle Bags
The compact cross body bag is inspired by the Ianthe design with a chic Art Nouveau-style finish.

2. Monica Vinader Gold-Plated Signature Bangle
The Monica Vinader Signature bangle blends directional design with effortless style. The handcrafted design is a bold new statement from the British jewellery brand mixing strong, clean lines with flowing curves, making it both modern and feminine. A modernist inspired piece which can be stacked and styled.

3. Vintage Radio – Roberts Revival Radio
Fresh sounds meet vintage styling; the Liberty Flowers design have given the iconic Roberts ‘Revival’ radio a heritage makeover in the quinessential floral prints. The retro design takes full advantage of the latest technology with full DAB functionality, excellent sound quality and 120 hours of battery life: truly portable and a must for life on the go.

4. Santal 33 by LE LABO
New York-based French perfumiers Le Labo create sensual unisex scents that evoke wild open plains, rugged landscapes and open fires. Under the delicate top notes of iris and violet in Santal 33 lies a heart of spice, sandalwood and smouldering musk – buy a hand-blended bottle from our counter and adorn with a personalised message.

5. Wristlets | The Alphabet Collection
The Alphabet Collection by Liberty features decorative initials (from A-Z) and various prints emblazoned on tote bags and wristlets.

6. Nike x Liberty Air Max
A classic silhouette with a modern twis, a distinct update in your fitness gear Nike x Liberty Air Max 1 Ultra trainers – featuring tan leather and a springtime-ready floral Liberty print, these trainers are bound to stand out amongst the crowd.

7. Iphis Notebooks and 2017 Diaries
Made of leather, the Iphis notebook features the elegant Iphis print, while the luxurious 2017 diary features the Ianthe design embossed on its covers with lined ivory pages inside.

8. Liberty Scarf Styling Cards
Nicely packaged in their iconic purple box, the scarf styling cards features a set of 13 cards with info on how to wear and tie each style.

9. Imran Silk Pocket Square
The soft silk pocket square features the iconic Imran design emblazoned on it.

10. Luxury Soap
Bathroom essential, individually wrapped in art deco style Liberty Print soaps are the perfect gift or bathroom accessory.

Happy Shopping at Liberty London!

9 Tokyo gourmet souvenirs

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Everyone knows that Japan is the land of everything adorable and refined, from its pop-culture to its culinary. The intricacies of the Japanese food design and presentation are a sight to behold. When it comes to gift giving, the Japanese often take it very seriously, and gift giving is itself an art with every little detail taken into account.

When in Tokyo, check out the lovely selections of gourmet souvenirs which are perfect for almost any special occasion, be it for birthdays, business functions, or Christmas parties. These gourmet souvenirs are unique and can only be found in only in Tokyo.

The food sections of department stores, confectionery shops, airport terminals or even train stations are a treasure trove filled with artisanal sweet delights waiting to be discovered!

1. Kabuki Pattern-Wrapped Okaki
Okaki are Japanese rice crackers that are either baked or fried, typically seasoned with salt and pepper. For gift giving, you can buy okaki wrapped in pochibukuro envelope featuring the pattern of a kabuki costume.

Get them at: Kakiyama

2. Kuya Monaka
Kuya Monaka is a speciality sweet with thick homemade azuki bean paste as filling and two crunchy outer shells. Because they’re often sold out, it’s best if you place an order beforehand. Check out other seasonal Japanese treats as well.

Get them at: Kuya

3. Tokyo Banana Sponge Cake
The light and fluffy sponge cake by Tokyo Banana is pretty similar to Twinkie, but with more unique flavours to choose from, including almond milk cream, caramel and maple banana. The sponge cakes come in various decorative patterns, like the giraffe-patterned and cheetah-patterned cakes.

Get them at: Tokyo Banana

4. Original RaisinWich
The Original RaisinWich is a European-style sweets made of raisins and special cream for filling sandwiched by two vanilla-flavoured butter cookies. The products often sold out, so it’s highly recommended that you place your reservation in advance.

Get them at: Paris Ogawaken

5. Handkerchief-Wrapped Assorted Candies And Nuts
The Japanese truly take pride in gift-wrapping, as seen in how they’d wrap gifts using patterned handkerchiefs. You can mix and match candies, nuts and even tea bags in a box wrapped in gorgeous patterned handkerchiefs.

Get them at: Mamegui

6. Tokyo Balm Tree Box
The Little Balm Tree is a small sponge cake on a stick that comes in various flavours, including chocolate and caramel. During festive seasons, the cakes often come in special packaging, with two to six cakes each box.

Get them at: Nenrinya

7. Walnut Cookies
Packaged in boxes with adorable illustrations of squirrels, the walnut cookies by Seikotei come in two different flavours, walnut and chocolate walnut, with four to ten cookies in a box. The boxes often feature different illustrations based on holiday seasons. If you’re not a fan of nut-based cookies, check out their cheese or coconut cookies.

Get them at: Seikotei

8. Crispy Karinto
Karinto is a deep-fried snack flavoured with brown sugar and is crispy in texture. The karinto sold at Azabu often have a very long queue, but it’s worth the wait!

Get them at: Azabu Karinto

9. Japanese Butter Cookies
The Japanese butter cookies are light, delicate, and semi-sweet powdered with various flavours such as sweet potato, wasanbon (Japanese fine-grained sugar), matcha, and strawberry. The cute and buttery cookies come in attractive traditional packaging.

Get them at: Wa.Bi.Sa

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